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Sooke River & Potholes

About the Sooke River & Potholes Park

The Sooke River flows south west from the Sooke Lake, following the Galloping Goose Trail, and empties into the Sooke Basin, near the community of Sooke, Vancouver Island.

The estuary is accessible by boat, canoe, or kayak from the Sooke Basin, and is a great place to watch harbour seals play as you drift past. Birdlife inhabits the estuary, where you can get a glimpse of swans, heron, and gulls. Fly fishing is also popular in this section of the river, provided one secures the proper permits, and is accessible from the Community Association land on adjacent to the river.

A short five minute drive up Sooke River Road, which parallels the river, leads you to the Sooke Potholes Provincial Park. Collectively, the Sooke Potholes is a popular place to swim in the summer months of July and August. The public has access to the four lower swimming holes via the parking lot at the end of Sooke River Road.

Natural History of the River

These potholes were made through the natural erosion process over thousands of years by the rushing waters of the Sooke River, which empty into the Sooke Basin.

Accommodation Near the Sooke River

Adjacent Park: The Galloping Goose Trail

Galloping Goose Trail by the Sooke Basin
Sooke River estuary




Fall colours on the river

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